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TRIQUEST Seminars Our financial seminar will teach you how to stop transferring your wealth to the wrong people/organizations and start transferring it back to yourself and your family.
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TriQuest Equity Management has been helping families grow wealth for more than 11 years through successful financial strategies.

From educators to attorneys, small business owners to doctors, we help our wide range of clients build wealth through financial strategies that safely and predictably increase and reserve your wealth.

Most financial advisors take the money you’ve saved and promise to increase the rate of return. This financial template also increases your risk factor. If you can afford risk (and loss), you’re probably fine.

At TriQuest, our experts increase your wealth accumulation by finding money that unknowingly and unnecessarily is being transferred to the wrong people and organizations. This equates to two losses: (1) Losing the money (2) Losing the money that money could be earning.

Tactics that transfer wealth to the wrong people/organizations:
• Paying off your house
• Postponing taxes in an IRA /401(k)s
• Paying taxes on Social Security
• Interest on consumer debt
• 529 College Plans

Tactics that transfer wealth back to you and your family:
• Use the bank’s money more efficiently
• Create Tax-Free retirement alternatives
• Stop paying taxes unnecessarily
• Tax deductable consumer debt
• Tax-Free alternative College planning

Most advisors focus on the dollars you have worked hard to save or have already accumulated. They proclaim they can do a better job for you by providing products offering better performance and higher overall rates of return. Most likely, you’ve already lost a fair amount of money using this strategy.

We’ve helped everyone from retired school teachers to millionaire business owners increase their wealth and comfort level of retirement without changing their current lifestyle. You can view their video testimonials here.

We believe in Safe Money, and we only work with money or accounts that are not exposed to the risk of the open market. We believe in a Reasonable Rate of Return averaging between 6 and 8 percent. And, we believe in Simple. If you don’t understand it, you shouldn’t own it.

Tax expert Ed Slott is famous for creating tax-free wealth by using three big benefits in the tax code that most people are not aware of. We agree with Ed's financial strategies and tactics and invite you to view a 10-minute video here that is sure to impact your financial planning knowledge.


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